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JUMA service that will bring You real pleasure from the delicious and properly cooked food. the Restaurant-quality, fresh products and the skill of the chef will appreciate anyone who ever try our dishes. If You wish: can you order sushi or pizza, delivery, lunch, dinner or desserts in Baku - You came to the right place. Only the best for the visitors of our website and customer service JUMA. With us delicious, high quality and satisfying. On the website You will find a large assortment of various treats for himself, his family and any company. For regular customers discount system.

We quickly deliver the food order at any point in time. the Bon appetit!

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You can order first and second dish (pizza, sushi, burgers, soups, grilled meat, side dishes), salads, desserts and drinks for every taste. Go to the "Menu" form the order - and in a short line to get great food with a quality guarantee and at an affordable price. We pay attention to each client, monitor the freshness of products, cleanliness and technology of preparation of really delicious food to You ordering food delivery at home or at work - happy and asked us again.


from delivery service in Baku

Sushi California roll

Unique taste of traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist - will not leave indifferent any fan of sushi. The most popular and well known today is sushi set California to order which You can right now.

delivery Service (sushi, pizza, soups, main dishes, desserts, beverages), JUMA in Baku - will delight You with the quality of food, freshness of the products for their preparation and promptness of delivery at a convenient time and place. the California Roll refers to a type of sushi uramaki (rice outside). Unlike many similar rolls, California has a specific feature of cooking in a barely noticeable roll nori seaweed which the preferences of the consumers of the USA was hidden in the middle of the roll, and also this type of Japanese food does not contain raw seafood, making it less exotic.

the name of the dish was in honor of the state where it was first cooked. However, despite the fact that the roll formally came to us from Japan, the authorship over it is officially assigned to a chef-Japanese Ichiro Mashita who worked in "Tokyo Kaikan".

The composition of sushi California roll from JUMA includes: Nishiki rice, nori, avocado, crab, Japanese mayonnaise, red tobiko. Order the delivery of sushi California roll with a guarantee of quality and taste, at an affordable price.


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For customers JUMA on a permanent basis are the following discounts:

When you order food delivery in the amount above 35 manat - free shipping.

When your order amount above AZN 50 - 10% discount

When your order amount is above 80 manat - 20% discount.

Also for regular customers there are discount system personal. To obtain the special conditions of the discount - register online and make orders of food from your personal account. The order total will be added that will lead to obtaining the individual terms of the discount.

Sandwich complex "Tale"

Present to Your attention new services food delivery in Baku dish "fairy Tale". If You like to eat a hearty meal, and just order food from reliable and loving their customer service - You should try treats from JUMA. The sandwich complex "Tale" is perfect for a tasty snack. the part of a new dish included: chicken skewers, chicken sandwich, fries, Apple, fruit juice. Delicious food delivery. Only fresh ingredients and technologically proper cooking. the Bon appetit!


Pizza "Mexican"

enjoy spicy food? Want to try tasty treats from JUMA?

You will be interested in following our new menu. Now, among the wide range of pizzas for home delivery - confidently took its place to a new pizza "Mexican".

the composition of the pizza, "Mexican", order delivery where You can right now include: tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken fillet, mushrooms, salami, tomato, hot pepper.



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